Programm für die CES-Konferenz

Första Linjen hat am Wochenende das vorläufige Programm der CES 2015 bekannt gegeben.

Unsere Beiträge für die Konferenz:

Samstag, den 19.10., 14:00-15:30, zusammen mit Feminist Fightback (England)

Fighting for Reproductive Justice – a review on feminist strategies and right-wing attacks

On this panel, activists from GB, Sweden and Germany will talk about the current situation regarding abortion laws, anti-feminist mobilizations and discuss feminist strategies.
Even though our actions mainly take place in Europe, we also plan to weave in some information on Latin American struggles.

Sonntag, den 20.10., 13:30-15:00

Gender and Capitalism – an inevitable love? On the necessity of connecting feminist (and) anticapitalist struggles

After a short input on how we see the correlations of gender and capitalism, we want to split into smaller groups to read texts wich display different approaches to this topic. We would then love to discuss the necessity of connecting feminist and anticapitalist struggles as well as ideas on how those struggles and practices could look like across Europe, worldwide and on a daily basis.


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