[A-Radio in English] ABC Belarus on the release of the prisoners and the upcoming elections

On August 22, the Belarusian president Lukashenko signed papers to release all official political prisoners in the country. This includes the three anarchists that were still imprisoned. As Anarchist Radio Berlin, we talked with Anarchist Black Cross Belarus about their release and the upcoming elections among other things. You can find more information also in English on the website of ABC Belarus.

For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.

Length: 5:18 min

You can download the audio at: archive.org (wav | mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to it directly:

Please note that we are organizing an information event with a comrade from ABC Belarus in Berlin as part of a small ABC tour in Germany:
Berlin, 10 September 2015, 20:00, Friedel54 (Friedelstr. 54)
The presentation will be in English!