[A-Radio auf Englisch] Interview of Furia de Radio with Nicky Danesh on Anarchism in Iran (September 2014)

In the following we present an interview with Nicky Danesh, an Iranian anarchist living in exile in Australia, made by Furia de Radio in September 2014. Furia de Radio is an anarchist programme on 97 Irratia FM in Bilbao. It can be heard every Friday at 7pm in the Basque Country, or on mixcloud.com/FuriaDeRadio. As Anarchist Radio Berlin we have edited the English version of the interview from the original programme into a single segment and re-recorded the questions to help with its distribution.

Length: 12:40 min

You can download the audio at: archive.org (wav | mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to it directly:

Additional links:

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