Calling to breath life into utopia

Dear friends and fellows,

It’s once more time for a special edition of Gai Dao.
For those of you who are not familiar with it, Gai Dao (chin. ‚to go a different way‘) is a monthly magazine that gives voice to the Federation of German-speaking Anarchists (FdA).
It’s an autonomous project that is open to non-members of the FdA, as long as they support the idea of anarchy and the principles of the FdA – preferably in a solidary but critical manner. (

Right now we are in the midst of preparations for a new special edition of Gai Dao, dedicated to the realization of anarchistic ideas in everyday life – ours and those of others – as well as to analyze them and, not least of all, examine their practicability.

The idea is to split the magazine into two separate parts – one to describe how we, here and now, try to give life to ideas of solidary and undominated living and thus try to live the utopia. Below, you can find a list of possible contents, but besides those you are of course very welcome to work up your own ideas, experiences and emphases. The second part, however, will develope a concept for an undominated society and point out possible difficulties in organization. It could, for example, deal with the question of breached borders or how certain (disagreeable) tasks could be assigned and carried out while without economic enforcement.

Now this is where you come into play. For this special edition we are looking for motivated writers with both the interest and time to join the work at one of the two parts. To plan our magazine we need at least a rough outline of volume and number of the texts, so we’d appreciate it if you could send as a short concept (regarding content, volume and possibly details about text and format) before 31.12.2015. (Mailadress for your concept and any kind of questions: )

We believe this magazine can become a great project and historically valuable documentation concerning the state of the anarchistic movement within the German-speaking area (and beyond). For this to be a success, we are dependent on your ideas and experiences to paint a living picture of the present and devise a viable way and a perspective for the future.

We are looking forward to your input.

Possible topics include:

Anarchistic values (what do we mean by this?)
Hierarchies/command structure
Day to day life, standards, contradictions and consequences
Pragmatic action – to what extent? Alliances, working together and the limitations of cooperation.
Decision making?
Employment (How does our employment status fit in with our ideals? How consistent are we?)


Practical realization of anarchistic ideals, eg.:
Alternative housing projects
Politic communes

Refugees? self-administration
A look at other countries

Link to social movement (squatting because of housing shortage, high rent, poverty etc., and not for social centers?)

Anarchistic events, bookstores etc…

Relationship anarchy and code
Education, upbringing and care taking