Newsletter Kurdish Institute Brussels 2013/14

English Conference 22/11/13 < 2%80%9Cwhich-future-for-the-kurdish-regions-in-syria-%E2%80%9D.html>  : Which future for the Kurdish regions in Syria? Suicide bomb targets Kurdish Red Crescent in Kobani (Rojava/Syrië) <> Öcalan: peace process is still going on but at critical stage < at-critical-stage.html> Iranian Kurdish leader on the hanging of political activists < ys-west-shouldn-t-be-fooled-by-rouhani-alexandra-hudson.html> YPG liberates several villages in < d-in-%26amp%3Bquot%3Bser%C3%AAkaniy%C3%AA-martyrs%E2%80%9D-operation.html> […]

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