[A-Radio auf Englisch]: Practical self-help – an abortion hotline in Chile

We present you an audio based on an interview in Santiago de Chile as well as other information.

The lesbians‘ and women’s collective Linea Aborto Libre in Chile established an information hotline that can be reached daily and they published as well a corresponding handbook in order to support women who wish to perform an abortion at home. Chile is on of those countries where abortion is prohibited in all cases.

You can download the audio (8:27 min) here at: archive.org (wav | mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to the audio directly:


* Website of Linea Aborto Libre
* Handbook of Linea Aborto Libre (PDF, in Spanish)
* Pro Familia (PDF, in German)
* WHO handbook (PDF, in English)

Here you‘ll find the Spanish original version.
And here you‘ll find an German voice-over version of the same audio.