Tech-Coops/IT-Kollektiv Assembly at 35c3

At the 35C3 we (IT-Kollektiv and friends) will again organize a tech-coops assembly inside the Komona cluster. We have our own dome with enough space for hacking and socializing, just come around.
Where to find us: Hall 2, Level 0, Komona, to the right of the Komona Workshop 4 area (c3nav)
How to contact us: The best way to contact us (besides just coming to our assembly) is via Twitter


  • 27th, 20h: Tech-Coops Meetup @IT-Kollektiv/tech-coops assembly. A space for tech-coops and people that are interested in tech-coops to get to know each other and socialize. Last years meetup was a big success and we hope you can make it.
  • 29th, 17h: Talk: „Tech-Coops: No masters, no slaves“  @ Komona Zelt #workshops #handson. We talk about the how and why of worker owned tech co-ops and how IT-Kollektiv connects various collectives to create a more resilient and more resourceful network. After the talk there’ll be QA and an open discussion.

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