Solidarität aus Köln mit geräumten Besetzungen in Griechenland

Solidarity with evicted squats in Thessaloniki
by comrades in Cologne (Germany) 28.07

Again a left government showed its real face: On wednesday morning they evicted three squats in the city of Thessaloniki, which were being used as shelter for refugees.
With this action they are destroying selforganized structures that are more than nessecary not just because of the fake left government in Greece but also because of national isolation politics of the European Union. With their violent forms of repression in Thessaloniki like in Berlin they try to shut us down but we won’t be quite!
We want to show our solidarity with all refugees, political prisoners and people fighting for freedom and human dignity in greece and all over the world.


Wir möchten unsere Solidarität mit allen Refugees, politischen Gefangenen und Menschen die für Freiheit und Menschenwürde in Griechenland und der ganzen Welt kämpfen teilen. ‪#‎freebalu‬ ‪#‎freeaaron‬

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