Refugee Revolution – Bustour am 10.3. in Köln

Die Refugee Revolution geht weiter!

Neben dem am kommenden Wochenende stattfindenden Refugee-Kongress in München ist eine Bustour zur Demo in Berlin geplant, die am 10.3. einen Stop in Köln einlegt um dorthin zu mobilisieren.

Aus dem Aufruf zur Bustour:
„On the 20th of March we will be back in Berlin and all meet to join the ‚Refugees‘ Revolution – breaking Residenzpflicht, Lager and Deportation on the 23rd of March – to demonstrate the power of refugees fighting for their basic human rights! All strikers and supporters of the Refugee Protest are invited to join the bus tour. If you can, bring your cars and small busses with some free seats! We will leave Oranienplatz after a press conference the 26th of february at 12pm. But you can also join along the route. To spend time together, share information and be at the side of the refugees and asylum-seekers in the Lagers, we will stay near the Lagers for at least one night.“

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